Excel Payslip Template

This Microsoft Excel Payslip Template is by far our most popular template, and for good reason. Microsoft Excel offers some powerful features that we’re able to take advantage of to make this Payslip Template easy and powerful for you to use, whether it’s for personal our professional use.



Excel Payslip Template w/Multiple Currency Support

  • Save Time with Automatic calculations
  • Fully Unlocked – Customize Any Field
  • Multiple tabs for difference currencies including the South African Rand, Indian Rupee, Australian Dollar, British Pound, and the Euro
  • Make Unlimited Copies
  • Easy to Share







Download Free Excel Payslip Template


FREE DOWNLOAD (Must Fill Out 2 minute Survey)

In order to get the free download, you must follow these steps and fill out a quick survey:

1 – Click this link

2 – You will be asked to fill out a short survey. Pick one and fill it out quickly.

3 – This should take you a MAXIMUM of 60 seconds! Just be sure to give your correct contact information, otherwise it won’t work!!!

4. After you complete this action, the download will automatically start

5. Then, you can begin filling it in! If you’re not sure how, check out our  step by step guide for filling it in your payslip template.





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